Callback, 2011

This site specific installation was completed while in residency at The Vermont Studio Center, in Johnson, VT. Over time, it has become tradition for artists to memorialize their tenure by signing their name to the door jam of the studio they were assigned.  I used this information to connect past residents with my own practice, curating a virtual exhibition of 63 residents from 1999-2011.

I endeavored to track down contact information for each individual artist using the internet.  An email was sent out explaining a bit about myself and my artistic practice, and I proposed having a group exhibition of works completed since leaving the residency...

“The reason I am contacting you is that in an effort to reach back into time, and to connect place with people, I want to curate a show of artworks from past residents to be displayed in this studio.  While it will be impractical for you to send me an actual piece of work, what I would like to do is to have you send me an image of an artwork you have completed since leaving the Vermont Studio Center.  Your image will be printed using Glossy Photo Paper, and will be displayed with your name...“

All artist were included in the exhibition, but only those who responded to my query had images to accompany their names.  A opening reception took place on 10/17/2011 and all current residents and staff of The Vermont Studio Center were invited to attend.

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