Exchange, 2010

Part of the ASU Art Museum Exhibition "Open For Business"

"Open for Business calls attention to the importance of local artists, businesses and organizations. Simultaneously taking place in downtown Tempe businesses and an interrelated exhibition at the ASU Art Museum, this project features the work of sixteen Valley artists who address the purpose of each business, providing opportunities for audience members to interact with the physical space of each location and to discover, or rediscover, new aspects of their own community."

"Throughout the course of the exhibition, artist Marco Rosichelli will go to thrift stores in Helena, Montana, where he recently relocated. The artist is interested in the notion of commerce and speculation, as well as the idea of moving cast-off fashions from one geographic location to another. Can this influence fashion? How do cultures meet through clothing? How much of cultural identity is wrapped up in fashion? How much is influenced by climate and ideals?
Rosichelli will purchase clothes that he will send to curator John Spiak. Spiak will tag and number the clothing as an edition of 200. Once the clothing has been given a tag, Spiak will take the articles to Buffalo Exchange in an attempt to sell them, using Buffalo Exchange’s standard policy for buying used clothing. The money that is made from the sale of the clothes will be sent back to the artist in Montana. Rosichelli will use this money to purchase more clothes that will again be sent to the curator. Spiak will provide feedback to the artist, letting him know the type of clothes selling, what the buyers are looking for, or other research obtained in the store. This process will continue until the money runs out. The project is a form of capital speculation or gambling – the artist tries to determine what clothes will sell, adding to the longevity of the piece.
The clothing purchased by Buffalo Exchange is placed in the stores standard inventory; items can be identified only by the limited edition tag. The clothes Buffalo Exchange does not purchase will be placed in the gallery as an installation."